Freeze drying system for berries and fruit powders

Delicate fruits with high moisture levels, such as berries, risk losing their properties when exposed to drying. Destroying volatile compounds and acids, even under low-impact conditions, leads to a loss of nutrients, flavors, and aromas. Moisture release is critical for extended shelf life, but the technology for making fruit powders must protect the bioactive properties from degrading.

Maximize retention of volatile molecules in fruit powders and berries

The Zeodration system by Bucher Merk uses an adsorption method that selectively draws water but retains the natural compounds. The heart of the unit is a reactor made from zeolite, a crystallized clay with a narrow pore diameter. At the same time, this water-trapping material minimizes the release of volatile compounds from fruit and fresh products.

A low-pressure environment of 0.5-30m bar makes the technology suitable for freeze-drying and processing delicate materials like berries, plant extracts, or herbs without compromising their aromas. Meanwhile, the reactor attracts water molecules, reducing residual moisture to 0.5%. Zeodration integrates into vacuum and lyophilization systems and handles batch and belt operations.


  • Residual moisture content of less than 0.5%
  • High aroma retention
  • Batch or continuous process

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