R&D bottle washer

Manufacturers of products that use bottles, vials, syringes, and test tubes as containers need to wash them before filling them up. This procedure is done to make sure that the containers are free from dust and other particles that may contaminate the product. Thorough cleaning of containers requires water with sufficient pressure to flow and clean every part of the container’s interior.

Washing internal parts of bottles, vials and syringes using interchangeable nozzles

The Bottle/ Vial/ Syringe/ Test Tube Washer, from Adelphi, is a bottle washing system for containers with neck diameters between 9.5mm and 100mm. It features powerful water jets to clean every part of the container inside. The unit can be connected directly to the main supply or on a stand with a pipe connected to a tap, whichever is more convenient. It also requires water with a pressure not exceeding 2 bar. Production capacity can go as high as 900 containers per hour.


  • Applicable for a wide range of containers (bottles, vials, syringes, test tubes)
  • Wide range of neck diameters applicable (9.5mm and 100mm)
  • Output up to 900 containers per hour
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Interchangeable nozzles for washing different containers