Laboratory short path distiller

Get to reliable conclusions for the separation of high-boiling and heat-sensitive products using as little as 2 kg of crude material.

Small scale thermal separation with short path distillation

With short path distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the operating pressure. The VTA Laboratory short path distillers integrate the short path distillation technique and are set-up as modules.

The fabrication of the unit’s main components enables observation of the product properties for foaming or potential fouling during distillation contributing to additional data for analysis.

The VTA Laboratory short path distiller is suitable for feasibility studies, doing first process development steps, producing small sample amounts of final product and optimizing existing processes like concentration, fractionation, distillation, purification and drying of heat sensitive products and high boiling point components.


  • Provides visual observation of the distillation process
  • A variety of size selection is available based on customer's requirement
  • Proper and reliable tests can already be performed with 2 kg of crude material
  • Continuous feeding systems and continuous discharging systems for distillate and residue options can be selected

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