Jet flow agitator for high-viscosity media

Processes including homogenization, dispersing, suspension, emulsification and dissolving benefit with the addition of a dispersing rotor/stator system to the functionality of traditional overhead stirring equipment.  With traditional equipment, achieving desired results in high viscosity media is often difficult and slow and issues such as sediment formation and air inclusions are common.  Adding a high speed rotor and jet pipe in close proximity to the mixing vane greatly enhances the process and helps avoid many of these issues.

Fast and efficient agitation of highly viscous fluids

IKA’s Rototron RTS is a line of agitators that uses jet-flow technology to speed mixing processes while avoiding many of the issues seen when more traditional equipment is used.  The jet flow agitators use a high speed rotor and jet pipe in close proximity to the mixing vanes to disperse and circulate products within a vessel while avoiding inefficiency caused by back flow, air inclusions caused by a static whirlpool effect, and the need for flow breakers caused by continuously rotating mixtures.  The circulation mechanism also avoids the common issue of sediment formation when being used to produce emulsions.  The units can be used with open and pressurized vessels and mounting options exist to accommodate a wide variety of vessels and configurations.  With this equipment, no seal material makes contact with the product and food or pharmaceutical grade versions are readily available.  Motor sizes are available from 2,2 to 15 kW with max batch sizes from 1.000 to 20.000 liters.


  • Effective on media with a viscosity of 15,000 mPa*s
  • Fast mixing and dispersing results
  • Flexible installation features for use a wide variety of vessels
  • Avoids whirlpool action and minimizes air inclusions
  • Avoids sedimentation formation in the bottom of the containers when used to form suspensions