Inline batch mixer for solids and liquids

Several issues often arise when your process requires batch-wise mixing of powders into liquids.  The mixing process can be slow, dust and liquid solvent may be released to the surrounding work area, agglomerate powder masses may form and the ratio of ingredients may be inconsistent.  The right equipment is needed to address all of these issues and improve the efficiency and quality of your process.

Reliable batch mixing improves process quality and efficiency

The CMX 2000 inline batch mixer from IKA incorporates powders into liquids and mixes these materials reliably and consistently in a batch process. Its multi-level design and unique pumping stage enables processing of high viscosity products without any additional aggregates. The system is usually supplied with a solid material dosing feeder and mixing containers.

Depending on the application and the requirements of the customer, the solid material can be fed via a bulk bag unloader, a funnel, sack-emptying boxes or directly from the bag via a suction lance.  Units are available with typical batch sizes from 2 to over 5.000 liters.



  • Considerable reduction of manufacturing times
  • Prevention of dust and solvent emissions due to the enclosed system
  • Reliable prevention of agglomerates
  • Reduced raw material addition time through improved break down of raw materials
  • Self-regulating input of solids and liquids

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