Cone mill machine

When your raw materials include agglomorated suspensions of grainy or crystalline solids and your process needs a steady, consistent flow of smaller particle sizes you need a high performance mill that is both powerful and flexible.  Furthermore, to ensure an efficient facility and maximum machine up time, the equipment should have a minimal footprint and be easy to clean.

Powerful and consistent milling of tough particles and viscous mixtures

IKA’s MKO 2000 is a high-performance inline cone mill capable of performing wet and fine milling of tough and grainy or crystalline raw materials. The MKO 2000 is especially suitable for the de-agglomeration of suspensions. Excellent dispersing performance allows the IKA Cone Mill MKO 2000 to be used for continuous processes, providing a narrow distribution range of ground particles in a single pass.

For challenging milling tasks the cone mill can be installed into a recirculation loop with a working vessel by means of tube connections.  The gap between the conical shaped rotor and stator is infinitely adjustable allowing for excellent control of particle and droplet size.  Rotation speed and the resultant dispersion effect are also adjustable.  the unique conical milling head geometry also allows excellent grinding performance while the rotor and stator tools are never in contact with one another.  This, together with the extremely tough and high quality surface finishes on the tools, prolongs life and reduces contamination of the product due to machine wear.  The units are designed for easy and reliable scalability and sizes are available with flow rates from 150 to 6000 liter per hour.


  • Infinitely adjustable rotor/stator gap for control of particle size reduction
  • Handles a wide range of product viscosities up to 50.000 mPas
  • Simple rotation speed adjustment
  • Inline production requires less floor space
  • Self draining and CIP and SIP capable