High accuracy homogenizing system

When extremely high accuracy is required in your recipe or formulation traditional mixing machines often give unsatisfactory results.  For precisely controlled, quantitative mixes of liquid and solid ingredients you need a machine with better control designed to create a ready-to-use product that meets your exact requirements every time.

Create precise, quantitative mixes and fine suspensions in a single pass

The Dispax-Reactor from IKA is a purpose-built high accuracy homogenizing system for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.  It achieves extremely accurate mixes and suspensions by dosing both the liquid and the solid phase into the mixing chamber unlike traditional mixers which typically only dose the solid.  In this way the exact quantities of the raw materials in the final product are known regardless of variations in the physical characteristics of inputs.  The units include three distinct dispersing stages which allow for the creation of extremely fine suspensions from a wide range of solid raw materials.  Different rotor/stator dispersing heads are available allowing the machine to be optimized to your particular process.  Capacities are available from 500 to 35.000 liters per hour.


  • Specifically designed for high accuracy-quantitative inline mixing of solids and liquids
  • Both solid and liquid ingredients are dosed into the mix
  • Achieve a ready-to-use product in a single pass through the equipment
  • Capable of producing very fine suspensions of even coarser raw materials
  • Different rotor/stator types are available to adapt the machine to your process

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