Laboratory multi-stage distiller

A laboratory multi-stage distillers that combines the wiped film and short path distillation technique allows you to test the separation of high-boiling, heat sensitive and highly viscous products by just using a small amount of material.

Short path distillation and wiped film distillation in one technology

The VTA Laboratory multi-stage distillers are a combination of short path and wiped film distillation technique. It is recommended to equip such systems with continuous feed and discharge pumps to have a smooth and simple operation.

The VTA Laboratory multi-stage distillers can be configured based on customer’s requirement.

It is suitable for feasibility studies, doing first process development steps, producing small sample amounts of final product and optimizing existing processes such as concentration, fractionation, distillation, purification and drying of heat sensitive products and high-boiling products.


  • Can be configured based on customer's requirement
  • PLC and visualization option can be selected
  • Can process temperature sensitive high boiling products
  • Can handle viscous and fouling products