Dust-free continuous homogenizing system

Producers in a wide variety of industries benefit from equipment that can continuously create highly accurate homogeneous mixtures of liquid and solid ingredients.  The use of a continuous process requires less floor space for storage and greatly reduces production times.  Closed systems eliminate the creation of dust thereby enhancing safety and efficiency.  Equipment that offers all these characteristics will give its users an edge over the competition.

Continuous dispersion of solids into liquids without the generation of dust

IKA’s mixing Plant MHD includes a mixing machine, metering units, an electrical control system, and peripheral equipment which is customized to meet the customer’s facility and process needs.  The Plant MHD is a homogenizing system that allows the dust-free mixing of liquids and solid granules or powders in a continuous process.  The ingredients are continuously fed into the plant’s working chamber in the precisely controlled ratios required by the final product, where they are mixed and then dispersed.  In this way, a ready-to-use final product is produced in just one pass.

The units can handle mixtures of up to 80% solid content and viscosities of up to 50.000 mPas.  Since the only agitation of the solid occurs within the machines working chamber after the liquid components have been introduced, no dust is generated.  A wide variety of solid feeding systems is available and IKA can help select the process that is best suited to your needs.  The Plant MHD unit is available with capacities from 200 to 40.000 liters per hour.


  • Considerable reduction of production times
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Compact design - only small feeding vessels are necessary
  • Closed system prevents dust and solvent emission
  • Highly precise mixing results