Industrial drying cabinet

The production of high-quality biltong and similar dried meat products can pose problems with maintaining product quality, as well as the high energy cost associated with traditional drying solutions. A cutting-edge closed-loop system can not only deliver significant savings in energy costs but can also deliver superior product quality thanks to more efficient, lower temperature operation.

Standalone cabinet dryer for biltong and dried meat products

The WRH100G cabinet dryer from IKE is suitable for drying batches of 15 to 100kg of product using heat pump technology.

Warm, dry air enters at the bottom of the cabinet, and warm moist air exits at the top, where it is passed to the heat exchange unit. There is no cross-contamination between products, so different items can be dried at the same time. The closed-loop heat exchange system means there is no moisture in the cabinet to condense and drip, another problem with traditional solutions.

Featuring 15 shelves, the operation of the unit is simple thanks to touchscreen control. Set target temperature and humidity level and the machine will operate until the targets are met. There is no risk of over-drying the product, and quality is maintained from batch to batch. No other external connections are required – simply plug into a standard 220v supply.

By avoiding the use of traditional electric drying methods, the WRH100G provides energy savings of up to 80%.

All stainless-steel exterior construction means the WRH100G is easy to clean, and sturdy wheels enable to easy move it around, maximising your use of space. 15 open-mesh shelves mean there is no requirement for the manual turning of the product during the drying cycle. Alternatively, the product can be suspended in the cabinet.



  • Much lower cost than traditional electric drying solution
  • Fully automatic drying via touchscreen control - set and forget
  • Optional remote monitoring function via the internet
  • Gentle dehydrating with no flavour transfer - dry multiple products at once
  • Only requires standard 220v mains power, no other connections required

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