In-line laboratory dispersing machine

Innovators in a wide variety of industries need laboratory equipment on which processes and products can be developed and reliably scaled up to production.  For dispersion equipment, this requires important process parameters like circumferential speed, tool, and mixing chamber geometry to be structurally identical to production level equipment.

A highly adaptable dispersion machine for the lab, designed for reliable scale-up

IKA’s Processs-Pilot is a versatile and highly reliable inline laboratory dispersing machine.  It is designed for solid-liquid mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending, and wet milling.  It is designed specifically to match process characteristics of larger dispersion machines so developed processes can be reliably scaled up.  The units can work at elevated temperatures, pressure/vacuum conditions, and with abrasive substrates.  Changeout between the several different working modules is quick and easy with each module giving the machine the particular characteristics needed to perform particular tasks and work with a particular type of product.  Compared to stirrers, mixing time for a wide variety of dispersions from coarse to fine can be reduced by up to 50%.



  • Flexibility and ease of use--one machine suits many applications and a wide variety of processes
  • Easy conversion between specialized functional modules and reliable scale-up to production sized machines
  • Uses a low-maintenance mechanical seal
  • Functions at high temperatures
  • Operates in pressurized and vacuum conditions

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