Vertical kneader

Production of highly viscous products with high solid content often benefits from kneading processes rather than conventional extrusion because more consistent dispersions can be achieved in a shorter time.  Competitive manufacturer’s need controllable kneading processes with worry free seals and a degree of automated operation.

Better mixing in less time for highly viscous products

The Planetron HKV from IKA is a heavy-duty vertical kneading machine with two kneading blades.  The overhead mounting of the blades and drives allows all seals to never be in contact with the product.  These vertical kneaders achieve excellent kneading and dispersion results due to the action of inter-meshing kneading blades.  With one blade rotating in a planetary motion around the other and the two together having a mutual stripping action causing high pressure variations and shear forces in the substrate.  The geared motor that powers the machine is equipped with a variable frequency drive allowing the rotation speed of the blades to be infinitely adjustable giving the user precise control of the process and results.  All bowls in the HKV series are prepared for heating or cooling.  Units are available with working volumes from 0.5 to 1.600 liters.


  • Intensive kneading and dispersion of high viscosity products
  • Shorter processing times with improved product quality
  • Infinitely variable speed of kneading blades
  • All seals are above the product with no contact
  • Automation possible according to the customer's needs