Batch dispersing machine

Equipment operating under the rotor/stator principal is often employed when more traditional methods of stirring cannot achieve desired results.  This technology can achieve desirable results for almost any mixing process in circumstances where other machines fail.

Rotor/stator mixing with flexible mounting and a robust simple package

The Ultra-Turrax UTC is IKA’s batch dispersing machine for high quality mixing and dispersing of products when more conventional stirring equipment cannot be used. Working on the rotor/stator principal, the units consist of a motor, a mounting flange, a stator, a rotor, and a rotor drive shaft. A variety of dispersion tools known as generators can be fixed to the rotor making the units adaptable to most mixing tasks.  These units are designed for diagonal from above, diagonal from the side, or vertical off-center mounting orientations. They can be used with open, or pressurized vessels. For open vessel operations, the units are supported via wall mounts or floor stands. Units are available for batch sizes from 150 to 6.000 liters.


  • Can be adapted to most mixing processes due to a wide variety of dispersion tools (generators) available
  • Simple and robust design
  • CIP and SIP cleaning capable
  • Capable of operating under pressures of up to 10 bar
  • Option for infinite speed control available