Laboratory dispersing machine for low-viscous masses

Laboratory mixers have not always been easy to work with.  Getting all the product out of the mixing vessel, and mixing small batches were not as easy as they should be and mixing processes in general were often ineffective or too slow when powders and slightly more viscous fluids were involved.  Innovators need equipment designed for laboratory scale use that addresses these previously common issues.

Easy to use, effective mixing for the laboratory

The Magic PLANT series from IKA is a laboratory dispersing machine designed to address many of the issues and difficulties previously associated with mixers of this size.  Where historically it was sometimes difficult to remove all of a product from the mixing vessel, the Magic PLANT includes both a discharge valve at the bottom of the vessel and the ability to completely tilt the vessel to pour out its contents.

Where the processing of very small batches with traditional laboratory equipment was difficult or impossible, the Magic Plant’s mixing vessel has a conical bottom allowing small batches to be mixed as effectively as large ones.  And where mixes involving powdered ingredients with a wide range of bulk densities were difficult or slow to form into homogeneous mixtures, Magic PLANT can be tilted while mixing to better engage all powders with the stirrer and a specialized spiral shaped stirrer is included.  Variants are available that are best suited for, batch, inline, or powder processing operations.  For all variants the intensity of the mixing and dispersing effect is adjustable and the overall design is modular allowing easy integration with other laboratory equipment.


  • Complete discharge either through a valve at the bottom or tilting the vessel
  • Specialized stirrer geometry
  • Conical shaped vessel allows processing of extremely small batches when necessary
  • Better mixing and drying can be achieved by tilting the mixing vessel in the process
  • The intensity of the mixing and stirring effect is adjustable to meet the needs of your process

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