Industrial dehydration machine

Dried fruits are popular both as food in themselves and as ingredients. Traditional drying techniques using electric warm air circulating dryers are inefficient and inflexible, often resulting in suboptimal product quality. A modern, temperature-variable drying solution that uses closed-loop heat pumps to dehumidify the fruit can give huge gains in product quality while cutting energy expenditure significantly.

Standalone variable temperature fruit drying cabinet

The WRH100T cabinet fruit dryer machine from IKE is ideal for drying fruit in batches from 15 to 100kg. This food dehydrator makes use of heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency and even drying. Thanks to its variable temperature control it can perfectly dry fruits of all kinds, including the most delicate and even dehydrated vegetables.

Featuring open-mesh drying shelves, the WRH100T dehydration machine is operated using an intuitive and ergonomic touch screen interface and the unit only requires connection to a standard 220v electricity supply for operation. The operator needs only to fill the units’ food trays with fruit, then set the target temperature and humidity level and the machine will then continuously operate until the required parameters are met. This automatic operation removes the need for constant oversight of the fruit drying process, and there’s no risk of over-drying. This allows the highest quality to be maintained from batch to batch.

With an all stainless steel exterior and robust wheels, the WRH100G food drying machine is strong, simple to keep clean, and mobile, making the most efficient use of the space available. Warm, dry air enters at the bottom of the cabinet, and warm moist air exits at the top, where it is passed to the heat exchange and dehumidifying unit. Excess moisture is passed through an external outlet where it can be collected. Because the humidity in the cabinet is never great enough to allow condensation, there is no risk of dripping and possible contamination, as exists with traditional dryers.


  • Reduce energy costs by up to 80% compared to traditional electric dryers
  • Touchscreen control with the fully automatic operation - no operator intervention required
  • Optional remote monitoring function via LAN/WAN
  • Temperature variable from 20 to 80 degrees enables drying of a wide range of fruit
  • Plug and play instant operation - simply connect to standard 220v mains power

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