High-pressure homogenizer

When processes call for homogenized emulsions with extremely fine particle sizes the traditional toothed ring dispensers are not always sufficient.  For extremely high levels of disintegration required to produce true micro-emulsions, extreme pressure cycling is more successfully used.

Homogenization with pressure shock to achieve extremely small particle sizes

The HPH High Pressure Homogenizer from IKA uses one or more piston pumps to apply pressure up to 2000 bar to the liquid medium to be homogenized.  The fluid is then fed through a homogenizing valve which very quickly reduces the pressure to the atmosphere.  This abrupt change in pressure in the moving fluid causes cavitation, a high degree of turbulent flow, and internal shearing forces in the fluid all of which serve to break up and distribute larger particles forming a very fine emulsion.  The pressure applied on the uphill side of the homogenizing valve is infinitely adjustable as is the flow rate through the valve, so the process can be easily adapted to achieve a wide range of outcomes and to accommodate fluids with different flow characteristics.  All parts that contact the product flow are stainless steel and autoclavable and the entire unit is designed for robustness and long service life.


  • Highest possible energy input allows for particle reduction of up to 0.1 uM
  • Proven construction and long service life
  • All parts that come in contact with the product are autoclavable and available with FDA approval
  • Throughput rate is adjustable to match the flow characteristics of the medium
  • Deliverable in several sizes and configurations with capacities from 2 to 100 liters per hour

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