Vacuum cabinet dryer for plant extracts and functional foods

Plant extracts are vital to functional food preparations. But drying them into solid granules may destabilize their thermolabile compounds and degrade flavors and nutrients. The heat generated by drying solutions poses a risk to the quality of extracted substances.

Protect heat-sensitive compounds with a gentle dryer

The DryCab by Bucher Merk adapts vacuum drying for heat-sensitive food ingredients such as plant extracts. Its low-pressure technology applies vacuum from a minimum of 0.5 mbar, shielding compounds from over-exposure. The evaporation capacity ranges from 0.5 kg/h to 250 kg/to adjust to different plant materials.

With a working batch volume rate between 2.5 and 2,500 liters, the vacuum drying cabinet is available from lab-scale to industrial solutions. Its heating plates are designed to reduce dead space and hold an active heating surface up to 88m2.


  • Allows frequent product changes
  • No oxidation and contamination
  • Prevents loss of aroma and volatile compounds

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