Bulk chamber washer

The production of cosmetics, nutraceuticals or unregulated pharmaceuticals often requires the cleaning and sanitation of larger product contacting components, such as bins, pallets, drums and buckets. Manual washing is time-consuming, poses additional health and safety risks, and can achieve variable results. A large-capacity cabinet washer overcomes these concerns and offers enhanced throughput with reduced cleaning cycles as well as delivery outstanding, repeatable cleaning performance.

Cabinet washer for effective cleaning of larger parts

The IWT Pharma 900C is a bulk washing chamber that has been specifically designed to thoroughly clean medium to large parts used in the production of non-regulated pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Its large capacity (over 4m3) is ideal for cleaning pallets, bins, drums and similar items.

The 900C has been built to offer maximum load flexibility, offering both standard and fully customized loading kits. Advanced features include a slanted floor to enhance water runoff from flat surfaces and drying cycle for the load and the chamber.

To enhance ease of use and throughput, patented quick lock connectors allow for rapid attachment and removal of customized loading baskets designed for cleaning critical components. Single and double door options are available to suit your requirements, and up to 2 detergent tanks can be specified.

The intuitive HMI is a colour touchscreen, and allows for customized washing cycles with complete control over water type, temperature, rinsing options and drying. Despite being designed for non-regulated uses, the 900C features a full batch data logger with USB output, allowing for complete traceability and simple record-keeping.


  • Ideal for medium-to-large parts, including bulk containers, bins and drums
  • Choice of standard or fully customized loading baskets to suit all component types
  • In built drying cycle, including sanitisation with steam
  • High productivity on repetitive loads
  • Self-cleaning inline filters, reducing maintenance time and cost