Corundum disk mill

Wet milling and grinding of viscous liquids or pastes containing solid particles such as peanut butter,mustard, and lubricants is successfully carried out by mills using rotating corundum disks.  Equipment with excellent grinding performance, adjustable process parameters, and many customizable options will give you an edge in these challenging applications.

Powerful and controllable wet grinding from a reliable, modular machine

The MCD 2000 Corundum Disk Mill from IKA is an inline mill for wet milling and grinding of viscous liquid or paste-like products. The mixing chamber consists of two corundum disks, one rotary and one stationary. The corundum disks are available in different grain sizes (grit) depending on the grinding process requirements. The units offer an adjustable milling gap to accommodate various particle or droplet sizes. This, together with the many customization options make the machine adaptable to a wide variety of wet grinding applications.

The systems are designed for use in food-grade production and can include FDA certification and IQ/OQ documentation when required.  All variants of hte MCD 2000 are easy to clean with CIP or SIP capability.  The large range of sizes available ensures that your process is readily and reliably scalable.  Units are available with flow rates from 20 to 4500 liters per hour.


  • Robust, modular design
  • Excellent grinding performance
  • Adjustable grinding gap for particle or droplet size control
  • Various sizes available to ensure simple scalability
  • High quality surface finishes
  • Self Draining with CIP or SIP cleaning capability

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