Horizontal thin film evaporators

Horizontal thin film evaporators can increase the residence time of the product and achieve high evaporation rate and high percent distillate splits.

Horizontal evaporation without losing film integrity

The VTA horizontal thin film evaporator allows you to vary the required residence time within wide ranges. The product is distributed at the heated evaporator wall by the rotor so that a turbulent circular ring forms at the whole evaporator surface. Loss of film integrity is not possible therefore very high evaporation rates and very high percent distillate splits can be achieved.

It can also be used to carry out continuous reactions and reactive distillation in the thin and turbulent film at vacuum conditions by increasing the product residence time.


  • Continuous distillation process
  • Very high evaporation rates and high distillate splits possible
  • Residence time can be varied within wide ranges
  • Suitable for reactive distillation

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