Colloid mill

For creating extremely fine emulsions and high quality dispersions a high pressure homogenizer is often chosen.  These machines use pressure shock to create very even distributions of extremely small particles.  They are; however, limited in their available flow rates and their ability to handle tough agglomerations of solids.  For these applications where a high pressure homogenizer cannot handle the raw materials or provide enough throughput, a colloid mill is often the better choice.

Extremely high quality dispersions of consistently sized particles with a very high throughput

The IKA MK 2000 is a high-performance inline colloid mill capable of performing wet and fine milling of tough and grainy raw materials. The MK 2000 is especially suitable for the production of colloidal solutions or extremely fine emulsions and suspensions. Excellent dispersing performance allows the IKA Colloid Mill MK 2000 to be used for continuous processes, providing a narrow distribution range of ground particles in a single pass. For challenging milling tasks the colloid mill can be installed into a recirculation loop with a working vessel by means of tube connections.

The conical geometry of the milling tools enables an axial displacement of the stator for an infinite adjustment of the milling gap. This allows influencing the dispersing effect, particularly regarding tasks with variable raw materials.

As neither the rotor nor the stator is slotted throughout, the probability of particles passing through the generator untreated is negligibly small. These collective features enable the IKA Colloid Mill MK to achieve the finest particle size reduction, thereby contending with a high pressure homogenizer by attaining similar dispersing results at higher flow rates.

The machines are designed for easy and reliable scalability and sizes are available with flow rates from 200 to 80,000 liters per hour.


  • High throughput in combination with excellent grinding result
  • Different milling tools to customize milling shear rates
  • Infinitely adjustable gap settings between rotor/stator for control of particle size reduction
  • The compactness of production systems with IKA Colloid Mill MK as a result of the inline design of the machine
  • Suitable for products in a wide viscosity range, up to 50.000 mPas