Wiped film evaporator

With wiped film distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the operating pressure. It is a continuous process with very short residence time.

Separate high-boiling and highly viscous materials in a wiped film evaporator

The VTA wiped film evaporator has a rotating wiper system which speeds up the evaporation process by keeping the product film turbulent so that the heat transfer and mass transfer are optimized.

The residence time of the product at the evaporator wall is very short and the vapours are condensed on an external condenser.

It is ideal for separation, drying, concentration, fractionation, distillation, deodorization and purification of materials which have high boiling points and high viscosity.


  • Continuous distillation process
  • Short residence time
  • High evaporation rates
  • Low fouling on evaporator wall
  • Can be combined with a column to increase the number of theoretical plates