Pilot multi-stage distiller

If generating an scalable data and bring in results with small sample quantities of high-boiling, heat sensitive and highly viscous products using a short path and wiped film distillation system, then the Pilot multi-stage distiller is your ideal solution.

Short path and wiped film distillation combined in one technology

Combining short path and wiped film distillation methods can provide you with a more flexible approach on achieving your desired product quality. In multi-stage systems, complex product mixtures can be separated in the individual fractions with the desired quality. The multistage pilot plant distillation system by VTA can be configured based your particular requirement.

The VTA pilot multistage distillation units are suitable for generating scalable data for industrial system, producing certain sample quantities and optimization of existing process like concentration, fractionation, distillation, purification and drying of heat sensitive and high-boiling products.


  • Can process temperature sensitive high boiling products
  • Can handle viscous and fouling products
  • Configuration based on customer's requirement is possible