Continuous homogenizing system

Certain mixing tasks present unique challenges and manufacturers need equipment that is specifically designed to handle them.  When a single pass process is needed, high solid concentrations are involved, the ingredients quickly react with one-another, the product is sensitive to air inclusions, or the solid is granular and needs to be mechanically crushed as well as mixed, the right equipment is needed to get the job done.

A single pass mixer, disperser, and homogenizer for difficult mixing tasks

IKA’s MHD-2000 system is a continuous homogenizing system designed for the high quality dispersions of solids in liquids.  The system includes two horizontal liquid connections and one vertical connection for solids.  the liquids and solid components of the mixture are brought together in a controlled fashion in a pre-mixing chamber in which the liquid is evenly distributed by entering through several different apertures.  Immediately after mixing, the liquid and solid components are dispersed through a rotor/stator system with high shearing action creating a high quality, output product that is free of agglomerations.

Use of this system greatly reduces production times due to its continuous operation.  Its design allows it to process highly viscous liquid ingredients, mixtures with solid contents up to 80%, and even solids that are granular and must be mechanically crushed during the mixing process.  Units are available with throughput volumes from 60 and 40.000 liters per hour.


  • Three process steps from one machine:  mixing, homogenizing, and dispersing
  • Closed system preventing dust and solvent emissions
  • Notable reduction in production times
  • Can handle high solid flows--up to 80%
  • Wide range of mixing tools available to adapt the machine to your process