Entry-level chamber washer

When cleaning smaller products contacting filling or compressing components used in the production of cosmetics, nutraceuticals or unregulated pharmaceuticals the requirement for a fully FDA/GDP compliant washer is often unnecessary. By choosing a high-quality, entry-level chamber washer you can ensure the best possible cleaning results in a highly cost-effective unit, producing a quick return on investment.

Exceptional cleaning performance for small product contact parts

The 650C Cabinet Washer from IWT Pharma is a compact washer designed for the highest quality cleaning of smaller contact parts from pharmaceutical or cosmetic filling and pressing lines. The compact dimensions and ability to be installed “wall-to-wall” thanks to a front access electrical cabinet make it ideal for both new and existing facilities.

The fully-automated enclosed cleaning process delivers the highest possible performance, removing the health and safety risks associated with manual washing. Simple, single-operator use with an intuitive touch-screen HMI allows for complete control of water type, temperature and detergent use.

The 650C Cabinet Washer has been designed with flexible installation and easy maintenance in mind. All key components are accessed by hinged front panel, including 2 detergent tanks, for easy access. The mid-level front-loading washing chamber makes loading and unloading of the custom washing baskets a safe and quick single-operator process, enhancing the throughput and efficiency of your washing cycles.

The washing chamber is constructed entirely of stainless steel, and features IWT’s oscillating spray arm technology for optimum cleaning performance. Although designed for unregulated use, the 650C Cabinet Washer features full batch reporting, with data export via USB, ensuring process repeatability and full traceability.


  • Perfect for small/medium product contacting parts
  • Ideal for installation in new or existing lines thanks to wall-to-wall design
  • Interchangeable custom loading systems for perfect cleaning performance
  • Simple, quick and safe to use and maintain
  • Electrical or steam heating options to fit your existing infrastructure

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