Cosmetic cream filler

From thin liquid baby oils and perfumes to thicker lotions and creams for hair and skincare, cosmetic products include a wide range of goods. In an industry where there are a plethora of product types, it’s essential to use a filling machine that can be adapted to the different consistencies of lotions and creams.

Automatically fills and closes jars, glasses, and tins for cream

Engineered by Wick Machinery, the DFB-T delivers an output of 400 containers per minute and has a filling range of 1 to 300 ml. The in-feed of jars or empty containers can be done manually, by a disc sorting machine, and by a rotary table. All containers are air-cleaned, while various filling systems enable product-specific filling.

The model also features jar coding, film die and foil cutters for precise filling. It also features a sealing station for hot sealing of foil on glass and plastic containers. Lastly, its filling nozzles are specifically designed for individual products, making the DFB-T ideal for tins, glasses, and jars.


  • Container rim is waxed before filling to ensure a hygienic process
  • Can be attached to a foil punching machine and a pre-sealing unit
  • Servo motor ensures accurate and precise filling, thus preventing spillage
  • Enables ink stamp and hot or cold embossing for listing usage instructions