ATEX confirmed outdoor silo for flour

Bulk outdoor storage of flour, dry milk and other powder ingredients for the bakery industry presents specific challenges. Traditional silo construction techniques can lead to problems with contamination and difficulties in managing the internal conditions to keep the flour in perfect state, increasing wastage. A purpose-designed and engineered exterior silo solution for flour eliminates these issues while providing enhanced safety with ATEX-approved features.

Stainless steel silo solution for bulk flour storage

The Globosilo from Cepi has been designed specifically for the bakery, ice-cream and confectionary industries, with features designed to improve safety and reliability of bulk powders (like flour, dry milk etc) storage and conveying from outdoor silos.

Globosilo is constructed of stainless steel and housed within a dedicated tower. The external tower features an external safety ladder to the roof, giving access to the in-built filtration, air exhaust and ATEX-compliant bursting disc and anti-explosion hatch. Further safety features include anti-depression and overpressure systems.

The silo-within-tower construction allows for a range of environmental control systems to be specified, including insulation, drying, anti-condensation, and more. This makes Globosilo the ideal choice for outdoor bulk flour storage in all climates and regions.

The internal silo features a completely smooth internal surface, thanks to a unique welding technique that leaves no seams in the silo walls. This means the flour has no internal imperfections on which to stick, reducing wastage to an absolute minimum. It also means there is zero contamination risk as found with traditionally welded silos.

Extraction is via vibrating cone or fluidised bed, to your specification. This allows for a complete extraction on the first in, first out principle ensuring maximum quality. Globosilo can also be specified with multiline distributors, allowing up to 8 feeds.


  • Seamless welding reduces seam contamination risk to zero and reduces wastage
  • Designed specifically for outdoor flour storage in all climatic conditions
  • Enhanced ATEX-compliant safety features for explosion prevention
  • Wide range of options for extraction and distribution to suit your exact needs