Agitator for medium viscosity media

Mixing fluids of medium viscosity for many production processes requires an agitator with a simple and proven reliable design while at the same time being flexible and adaptable enough to give optimum results for your particular application.  For acceleration of dissolving, temperature transfer, or simply mixing powders into liquids.

Proven agitator design optimized for your process

The Turbotron line from IKA are agitators that satisfy a huge array of needs from a wide variety of processes.  The machines include output shafts coupled directly to the motor, or through a gearbox.  They can be used with pressurized or open containers and can mount directly to the vessel for pressurized applications and supported on a wall mount or floor stand in open vessel applications.  Sizes are available suitable for batch sizes from 100 to 20.000 liters with motor powers from 0,37 to 9,2 kW and rotation speeds from 250 to 1500 rpm.  A wide variety of lengths is also available.  Interchangeable tools on the agitator shaft and options VFD drives for rotation speed control make the units extremely adaptable to a wide variety of fluid viscosities and output characteristics.


  • Basic robust design for simple and safe operation
  • Variety of drive options available for slow or variable speeds
  • Suitable for use with both pressurized and pressure-less vessels
  • Wide variety of tools available allow optimization for most mixing and dispersing tasks
  • All parts that contact the product are stainless steel