Laboratory wiped film distiller

Reach reliable conclusions testing the distillation of high-boiling or highly viscous material using as little as 2 kg of crude material.

Small scale thermal separation with wiped film distillation

With wiped film distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the operating pressure. It is a continuous process with very short residence time. The VTA wiped film distillation laboratory unit is designed to distill small product quantities for acquiring reliable data of the separation process.

The unit can handle high-boiling and highly viscous feed with maximum viscosity of 15,000 mPas (cP). The fabrication of the unit’s main components using Borosilicate glass enables observation of the product properties for foaming or potential fouling during distillation.

It is suitable for feasibility studies, doing first process development steps, producing small sample amounts of final product and optimizing existing processes like separation, drying, concentration, fractionation and purification.


  • Provides visual observation of the distillation process
  • Proper and reliable tests can already be performed with 2 kg of crude material
  • Can be operated at pressure range of 0.1 mbar to 1,000 mbar
  • Can handle material with max. Viscosity of 15,000 mPas (cP) at operating temperature
  • Options of continuous feeding systems and continuous discharging systems for distillate and residue can be selected