Cost-effective homogenizing and emulsifying system

Manufacturers of cosmetic products need mixing equipment that is capable, flexible, easy to maintain, and low-cost to stay competitive.  Accurate mixing from a reliable, user-friendly machine will give plant managers peace of mind and worry-free operation to focus on improving other areas of their process.

Consistent mix quality from an easy-to-use, low-cost system

IKA’s SPP Standard Production Plant is a simple yet very capable system for all standard mixing processes, such as homogenizing, emulsifying, stirring, and dispersing ingredients.  The emulsifying system includes a robust anchor agitator with a fixed flow breaker which moves the entire batch volume even for mixes of high viscosities.  A highly advanced scraper design keeps the vessel walls free from scaling, and unique vessel geometry allows the processing of small batches down to 30% of the rated working volume.

The system includes interchangeable dispersing tools and adjustable speed control, dispersing quality and options for a heated or cooled double-walled vessel, and vacuum degassing of the working chamber, among others.  The unit is easy to clean using a CIP system, and maintenance and inspection is simplified by concentrating major components in easily accessible areas.  This design also helps keep the required floor space of the units as low as possible. The SPP is available in working capacities from 25 to 4.000 liters.


  • Cost effective mixing plant
  • Handles viscosity range from water to paste level (approx. 100 Pas)
  • Formation of lumps is limited by feeding additives directly into the dispersing chamber
  • CIP cleaning without the need for an additional pump
  • Low maintenance