Vacuum belt dryer for instant drink powders

Extracting the essential acids and compounds from fruits and plants is a complex process. But the drying stage can jeopardize their natural characteristics. The aromas, flavors, and other organoleptic properties of the volatile substances are crucial to producing quality fruit powders and plant extracts.

Preserve delicate compounds with gentle freeze-drying

The DryBand system for freeze-drying by Bucher Merk is designed for fragile substances such as fruit powders and plant extracts. The technology treats materials with low-pressure vacuum drying starting from 0.5 mbar, which can go up to  50 mbar.

The belts in the continuous drying system are used in series and products move between the top and bottom for an extended residence time. The freeze-dryer is suitable for lab-scale to large-scale lyophilization with a feeding range of 2 kg/h to 4,000 kg/h n. The system supports automated independent heated zones, and the final section can be adjusted as a cooling zone.


  • Closed system prevents oxidization
  • Customized system design
  • High retention of flavors and aromas

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