Continuous cooker for hard caramels

Continuously cook ingredients for your hard caramel-based product. This is a three-staged Continuous cooker for hard caramels, high clarity deposited, and formed solid candies. A short cooking time is required, meaning a low inversion causing efficient, high-quality processing of sweets including ingredients like milk, butter, and fruit juices as well as sugar-free recipes.

Consistent and efficient preparation of more complex caramel based substrates

The Rotor Cooker line from Ter Braak is a continuous cooking system for the production of substrate mass for hard caramel confectioneries. The system consists of dissolving, cooking, and vacuuming processes. Efficient heat exchange ensures short cooking times and low inversion for consistent high clarity output. This is a highly flexible system that allows for independent control of temperature and vacuum as well as the closed-loop addition of ingredients via metering pumps. Control and integration options exist for PLC systems as well as highly automated supervisory, control, and data acquisition (SCADA) for complete system optimization.



  • Continuous output from 300 to 1,800 kg/h
  • Cooking/resistance times of 6-8 seconds
  • Process very clear mixtures
  • Particularly well-developed process control parameters for color and taste of butterscotch