Pillow bag vertical packing machine

When packaging products such as seeds, cereal, snacks, candies, nuts, tea, dried fruits and many other bulk or small products, a pillow bag is one of the most popular packaging choices. It saves on space, is light, easy to open, and most importantly – cost effective. For gaining the best profit, it is also important that a pillow bag machine is fast and flexible. A packaging machine that works at a good speed and uses pillow bags as a packaging form, is a great cost-effective fit.

Top loading the product in the bag and sealing it shut

The Basis17, designed by Basis, is a fast model for packing bulk production a so called pillow bag, gusset bag or stabilo bag.  The machine reaches a speed of up to 120 packs per minute. A pillow bag is formed from a continuous roll of packaging film and guided over a forming tube. Seal bars bond the film on the two long sides of the bag after which the shorter bottom side is sealed by a separate seal bar. The product is then loaded into the bag through a forming tube and once the bag is filled, the top of the bag is sealed as well. The long film that forms several bags is now separated by a knife to form individual bags. After this stage, the end product is discharged from the machine.

The Basis17 gives the opportunity to pack the product in a wide range of packages, including pillow, gusset and stabilo bag. It can be integrated with weighters such as a volumetric rotary, a volumetric auger, a weight vibration (linear) or a combination (multi-head) of types. It is possible to pack products in the weight range from 25 gram to 1000 gram.


  • Easy and fast film exchange
  • Quick-release bag former for easy readjustment
  • A "no product – no bag" function to excludes empty bags
  • Easily synchronised and integrated with other equipment