Open-mouth baggers for free flowing powders

For bagging free flowing materials into open mouth bags, this system is ideal. It is a compact design, ideal for restricted packaging rooms and has a fully integrated gross or net weighing system.

Efficient bagger that fits into limited space

The Premier Tech Chronos OML SERIES open-mouth bagging systems are designed for bagging free-flowing materials into open-mouth bags for applications between 5 and 50 kg per bag. The systems are ideal for bagging flakes and granules from the Food, Feed, Pet Food, Chemicals and Minerals industries.

The OML SERIES features modular designs in three versions: compact open-mouth bagging system (OML-1080 SERIES, up to 800 bags per hour), high-speed open-mouth bagging system (OML-1120 SERIES, up to 1,200 bags per hour) and high-speed open-mouth bagging system for PE bags (OML-1120 FS SERIES, up to 1,200 bags per hour). Units can be supplied with either gross or net weighing systems for optimum system performance.


  • Ideal for bagging of free-flowing materials
  • Automatic adjustments for quick product and bag changeovers
  • Optimized dust control
  • Option for product de-aeration
  • Easy – clean and – maintenance configurations

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