Small sugar mill for entry level production

Sugar powder is a key ingredient in a wide range of bakery, confectionery, and patisserie products. For small-scale producers buying ready-milled Powdered sugar adds additional expense and storage requirements to your production line. A dedicated in-house small-scale sugar mill for grinding your own icing sugar can reduce ingredients costs and increase efficiency, allowing you to produce only the quantity you need.

Robust and high-quality sugar mill designed specifically for small-batch production environments

The MIA Food Tech Sugar Mill has been designed specifically for small-scale producers to make their own icing sugar from granulated sugar. The Sugar Mill offers high-quality milling and top-end components with a size of only  1000mm x 450mm x 1200mm.

As well as all sugar-contacting parts being made of stainless steel for sanitary purposes, the entire assembly is also manufactured from stainless steel. As well as making cleaning of the external parts easier, this ensures maximum robustness of construction and a long lifespan.

Simple to operate with only On and Off controls, the Sugar Mill is designed to work either in a stop/start fashion or to be operated for longer periods. When operating continuously, the Sugar Mill can process up to 35kg of granulated sugar per hour.

Granulated sugar is introduced manually into the upper hopper, which is highly polished to reduce friction to a minimum and ensure all the sugar passes smoothly to the milling blades. The output bin has an easy-open stainless steel lid, ensuring sugar dust is kept contained within the bin to improve the working environments around the machine.

Weighing only 150kg and fitted with high-quality wheels, the machine can be moved easily, allowing it to be stored away from the production area when not in use. The height of the input funnel has been specifically designed to make hand-loading comfortable for operators, and the wide opening reduces the risk of spillage and wastage.


  • 35kg per hour capacity, perfect for small-scale production or product design
  • All-stainless construction for strength and easy cleaning
  • Easy to move, form-factor suitable for the smallest production areas
  • Covered output bin reduces sugar dust in the environment to a minimum
  • High quality mill that removes the need to buy icing sugar