Inline syrup room

The beverage industry requires high-quality syrup. Soft drinks, fruit juices, still drinks, ice tea, flat or isotonic drinks, or alcoholic drinks are appreciated if the syrup used is obtained according to high-quality standards of the process. A customizable solution configured to prepare syrups for use in the production of the final beverage is needed.

Reliable and precise syrup room

Petek Proces’s syrup room is for product preparation and storage before the bottling process takes place. It could be described as the starting point of your beverage. It produces the highest quality syrup and provides flexibility in the design recipe and the course of control throughout the manual, semi-automatic, or automatic preparation of the variants of syrup.

The inline syrup room comprises a system of sugar dissolution and pasteurizing of sugar solution, sugar solution filtration, cooling, storage, receiving and preparing of bases and concentrates, and mixing the final product. It thus covers the complete cycle to prepare your product needed to deliver to the bottling stage by combining several technologies. It also offers a partial series preparation of the final product.


  • Maintains high sanitation standards
  • High flexibility in recipe designing
  • Adjustable automation levels in the production process

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