Metal detector for granulated products

Free-fall applications, such us flour, sugar, spices and other granulated or powdered foodstuffs offer a particular challenge for traditional metal detection systems. Due to a lack of sensitivity, a slow throughput has often been required in order to guarantee a lack of metal contamination. Given the risk of powder explosion, non-ATEX approved solutions are not appropriate. A modern, purpose-designed multi-spectrum detection solution developed specifically for powders will increase throughput, accuracy and safety.

High-sensitivity metal detector for powdered and granulated foods

The THS/FFV21 series from Ceia is a free-fall integrated metal detection system with automatic ejection valve and full ATEX-compliance where required.

Purpose-designed for food products, the materials used to construct the detector are completely food-safe and don’t modify or alter the product in any way. All product-contacting parts can be removed and maintained or cleaned quickly and simply.

For maximum safety, the THS/FFV21 series operates with a fully fail-safe design. In the case of power supply interruption or shut down for cleaning, no unchecked product is able to pass through the machine.

Built for maximum throughput speed using a free-fall design, the integrated rejection system is extremely fast operating without slowing line speed.

For explosive environments, can be specified as fully compliant with ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE.



  • High throughput with high sensitivity, designed specifically for powders and granules
  • Can be supplied ATEX-compliant where required
  • High-speed rejection system maintains maximum throughput
  • The extremely sensitive detector uses multi-frequencies to detect all metals
  • Quick and easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble, minimizing downtime