Modular HFFS Machine

A large range of sizes and types is available, with traditional horizontal form fill and seal machines being designed to produce and fill a single type. A modern, modular system allows a completely tailored solution, meaning no compromise on quality and speed of pouch production.

Flexible pouch filling machine that can be adapted for liquids, solids and powders

The BMK series from Bossar is a fully modular pouching system that has been designed to meet the requirements of the food, chemical, personal care, and cosmetic industries. From autoclave pouches for cooked foods, to shaped pouches with valves for liquids, and traditional single and twin sachets, the BMK series meets the needs of many producers.

The BMK series is built with a frame construction that comprises three independent and customisable modules: a film unwind module, a pouch forming module and a pouch filling module. Each is available in one of several versions, which allows you to specify the exact combination for a packaging solution that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements.

This flexible approach allows for over 35 different types of pouch to be produced by BMK series machines, included zippered, valved, and shaped pouches. Double film reels of up to 600mm diameter may be installed, reducing downtime between film changeover, and allowing pouch sizes up to 200mm x 300mm to be produced, with volume up to 2500cc.

A wide range of dosing units can be specified, allowing any type of product to be packaged by BMK. Options include insertion valves, volumetric fillers, auger fillers, multihead weighers, flowmeters, and more. Straws, valves or zip closures can be inserted into the pouches if required.

Construction and operational design has emphasised strength and reliability, with ease of maintenance and hygiene. A mechanical walking beam transport system gives reliability and a performance of up to 200 units per minute depending on pouch configuration.

For speedy format changes, the cutting device, gripper and servomotor film pulling systems are automatically adjusted from the HMI touch screen with only a single press, and all areas of the machine are visible and accessible through transparent hygiene covers for ease of operation, maintenance and cleaning.


  • Modular design - choose options that meet your exact needs
  • Capable of forming a huge range of pouch types and sizes
  • Reduces downtime thanks to a rapid format changeover system
  • Robust build quality maximises the machine lifespan
  • A wide range of dosing options suited to any product type

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