Drum groat cutter for baby oats

Used as food thickeners and toppings, baby oat flakes must adhere to a consistent size. But cutting the grains to the right profile is a complex process, and achieving a uniform flake quality in large quantities requires accurate knifing techniques.

Downsize groats with a precision knife basket

The drum groat cutter by Schule uses a system of vibrating channels to cut grains homogeneously. The gains pass through stainless steel perforated drums and into calibrated holes, where they are held in position for cutting.

The knife basket is laser-cut and designed without shims to bring a clean cut at maximum size accuracy. Moreover, the quick changeover of knives and drums lowers the maintenance costs and produces baby oat flakes of consistent quality.


  • Small footprint
  • Laser-cut knives without shims
  • Quick changeover