Gentle mixer for tea blending

The blending process is critical to the flavor quality of tea. But the physical impact of the mixing mechanism on the tea leaves risks downgrading their aromatic profiles. Internal friction breaks the leaves and produces dust, causing the unwanted release of volatile compounds.

Protect the leaves during tea mixing

The gentle tea mixer machine from Lindor applies gentle blending to protect the leaves from breakage. The mixing drum is designed with non-movable blades that scoop up the tea leaves and let them flow under gravitational force.

The absence of paddles or ribbons found in conventional technology means that the delicate material is not subjected to collision with tooltips. This technique protects the integrity of the leaf size and shape, conserving its natural flavor.

Further aromatization is possible with an optional liquid injection system or by mixing in flavor granulates. Alternatively, the two methods can be combined.

Mixing under gravity facilitates short mixing times for homogeneous blending, including tea leaves with complex shapes.

The gentle tea mixer comes in batch capacities ranging from 10 to 25,000 liters and integrates with other equipment, including sieves, bag filling stations, metal detectors, and magnets.


  • No particle impact
  • Standard 99.9% discharge or better
  • Low power consumption
  • Homogeneous mixing of irregular leaves

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