Entry-level cereal bar making machine

Cereal and grain bars are increasingly popular, both as snack foods and as functional foods using natural ingredients. Traditionally, a higher-quality softer bar has been difficult to produce economically in small-to-medium production environments. Additionally, standard machines have only been able to produce either moulded dry-grain based bars or extruded dried fruit paste-based bars, limiting production flexibility. A modern, purpose-designed machine that can address these issues is therefore an attractive proposition.

Flexible bar machine for grain or fruit paste-based products

The Bar 2 from DSC is a flexible entry-level machine for the production of extruded or moulded soft cereal bars.

For dry cereal mixes, the product is dosed onto a conveyor which passes it through a laminating roller to assert the initial thickness. A further laminating roller then produces the final product dimension.

For dried fruit pastes, two specially designed rollers shape the pre-mixed product into a fully adjustable extrusion.

For both product types the final stage is to cut to final product size. Cut dimensions can be selected by means of the built-in touchscreen control interface.

The HMI allows the creation and storage of multiple product recipes for easy recall, meaning simple one-person operation.

The whole machine has been designed to be simple to clean, with all product contacting surfaces easily accessible for hot water washdown.


  • Flexible production of dry or paste-based soft bars
  • Extrusion kit is simple to put in place
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Touchscreen HMI with recipe storage
  • Ideal for small-scale production