Strand cutting machine

Cut continuous strands and slabs of your ingredient mix into bars, strips, and other final product shapes. A guillotine-style transverse cutting machine for strands or slabs of a wide variety of products. Working widths from 300m to 2400 mm and up to 5 axis servo control for precise adaptation to most transverse cutting applications.

A transverse cutter with up to 5 axis servo control

The MS series of transverse cutters are designed as universal transverse cutters for a wide variety of customer applications typically involving straight cuts. Two servo axes controlling the up and down movement of the knife and movement of the knife in the direction of belt travel are provided standard. Options for 3 additional servo axes for even more control are also available. Optimal cut paths are achieved through independent axis programming with the special software. The cutting movement of the knife is synchronized to the belt speed and cutting length ensuring consistent product shape and no distortion. Cutting speeds of up to 700 cuts/ minute can be obtained.



  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special knives, including static heated, and ultrasonically agitated versions can be employed
  • Additional Servo-Controlled axes available: Up and down motion of lower knife, feeding belt speed, and transfer belt speed
  • Possible to link to existing PLC via RIO-Bus connection