Consistent processor of corn, bran and multigrain

The production of high quality flaked breakfast cereal requires accurate and consistent flake production. As required volumes increase, quality can suffer. A dedicated high capacity flaking roll machine can deliver the highest quality and consistency of flake while achieving production volumes suited to modern high volume lines.

High capacity flake roller with consistent flaking quality for cereal production

The Baker Perkins FlakeMaster flaking roller has been designed specifically to deliver high quality, consistent flakes in corn, bran or multigrains at volumes of up to 1,500kg per hour.

High quality is maintained thanks to the automatically-controlled water-cooled rolling surfaces, ensuring a constant temperature. Precise gap control and feed regulation across the full width of the flaking roller provides superior thickness control and consistency.

FlakeMaster features long-life rolling surfaces of welded tool steel for extreme abrasion resistance. In typical operation they will run for 10,000 hours before needing a regrind, significantly reducing downtime. In the case of damage by stones or other foreign object, the rollers are designed to be able to be repaired or replaced, protecting your investment.

Outboard roller drives via motor and timing belt are used as they require no routine maintenance. Inspection or repairs are easily and quickly carried out due to ease of access.

Fully automated PLC control features recipe memories, comprehensive warning and alarm indications, maintenance prompts and data capture.


  • High capacity flake roller designed for maximum product quality even at 1,500kg per hour
  • Long-life components and minimal maintenance requirements increase ROI
  • Robust yet open construction increases visibility for monitoring and easy cleaning access
  • Highly consistent flake size with all grain types
  • Variety of infeed and takeoff options available, including vibratory and vacuum systems