Chocolate coating machine

Coat your product with chocolate or caramel. This is a chocolate coating machine born of many years of confectionery industry experience. Chocolate, compound, or caramel coatings are accurately and consistently applied to any confectionery substrate. Customer needs such as ease of cleaning, precise coating weight control, and easier machine maintenance with less downtime have all been addressed with this design.

Tightly controlled confectionery coatings from an easy to maintain the machine

The Chocoat coating machine from Kreuter is a culmination of decades of confectionery industry experience. Precise chocolate and caramel compounds are consistently deposited at belt speeds of up to 20M/min by a machine designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Standard working widths from 420mm to 2000mm are available and coating weights are exactly reproduced across the entire working width.



  • Capable of continuous 3-shift operation for some coatings
  • Long service life of components even at high operating speeds
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

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