High-speed flow pack wrapping machine for chocolates

Foil flow pack wrapping of chocolate products is an attractive and practical packaging option. Traditional flow pack machines can be inflexible in design, forcing a compromise in wrapping speed or product type. A purpose-designed modular system allows complete customisation to your exact requirements while facilitating amendments or upgrades to your system at a later stage.

Modular hot or cold seal foil flow wrapper for chocolate products

The FPC5 from Theegarten Pactec is a fully flexible high-speed flow pack machine that has been specifically designed to wrap deposited or enrobed chocolate products as well as bars.

The modular design means that the FPC5 can be specified to meet your exact needs and requirements while giving the enhanced flexibility of easy upgrades or modifications in the future.

Able to wrap up to 1,500 pieces per minute, the FPC5 can be upgraded with a low-contact vaccuum-supported synchronisation belt infeed system, smart belt infeed, or infeed lug chain with robotic feeding.

For the handling of multipack products, the optional cardboard dispenser and grouping device can be included. Other discharge options include gravity discharge chute or discharge conveyor with a separate drive.

A range of sealing options and styles for heat or cold seal foils is available. These include a two- or three-stage longitudinal sealer suitable for cold or hot sealing; long-seam sealer; segmented cross sealing with up to 4 jaws; cross-seam sealing in longitudinal or transverse directions.

Thanks to its fully automatic operation and simple touchscreen HMI, several FPC5 machines can easily be overseen by a single operator.


  • High-speed operation at up to 1,500 pieces per minute
  • The modular design offers a wide range of options tailored to your exact needs
  • Fully automatic, reducing operator input to a minimum
  • Carton handling available for multipack production
  • Range of infeed and discharge options to fit your production line

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