Kiln and cooler for oats and fatty cereals

Grains such as oats and parboiled rice have a high fat content and must be stabilized before processing. Heating the cereals inactivates the enzymes inside the grain, allowing the natural flavors to be released when roasted. But conventional heating systems that are not designed for this process, have a poor rate of efficiency.

Eliminate heat loss with specialized hydrothermal technology

Schule developed a kiln and fluidized bed cool cooler solution to stabilize fatty cereals like bulgur, parboiled rice, and oat kernels and flakes. In contrast with traditional technologies, the system decouples heating and cooling zones to remove heat losses and raise efficiency.

Using hydrothermal technology, the Schule kiln and cooler unit stabilizes the cereals and prepares them for roasting or cooking. The technique refines the taste and extends the shelf life of the final product. In addition, this design reduces overall height compared to other kilns and allows more product storage capacity.


  • Separate heating and cooling zones
  • No heat losses
  • Low overall height