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The cereal bar production line consists of mixing, cutting and cooling a dough of chosen ingredients. These can be seeds, nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits – and many more options. It may seem simple, but it needs attention to provide an appetizing look and taste.

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Setting up your cereal bar production line

The cereal bar production line starts with choosing and loading into the cooker the ingredients that will compose the bar. After that, the mixing process starts, usually with oil and sugar, to provide structure to the cereals. You can also try different liquids, such as syrup, honey, pureed dried apricots or barley malt syrup, to name a few. When you include the cereals to be mixed, you’ll also cook them. After that, you can roll the mix on a flat surface. Once you spread the dough, it is time to compress it to the desired dimensions, cut, cool and pack it. The whole production line can be automated or semi-automated; it is indeed possible to do some steps manually, for instance in beginners’ or small-scale productions.

Rolling and cutting for small cereal bar production line

If you are starting your cereal bar production line, want to test a new recipe before scaling it or do not want to automatize the whole manufacture, you can use a manual plant for bars. In it, you have a table with a cooling and warming system, over which you can pour and disperse the cooked dough, whether you have mixed it or not. There, it is compressed and transformed into the final bar shape with the use of a manual guillotine cutter with blades.

Automatic cereal bars processing option

You can also opt for an automatic plant. In this one, the equipment mixes, doses and cuts the cereal bar in the desired size and format. You need to include the cereal mix and to prepare and fill the vessel with a binder. You can adjust the manufacturing to your production specificities. They may be the cutting speed, for instance, or the bar size.

Packaging, the wrap up of your cereal bar production line

To help build a brand positioning and influence in the product purchase, you may consider an appealing packaging design. Fully customizable solutions adjust to product line specifications – in terms of size or shape, for instance. You can also use equipment that includes the application of seal foils. They are important because, among other things, they can extend the product’s shelf life and provide more safety to atmospheric changes. These foils also resist vibration damage and high or low-temperature variation.

Processing steps involved in cereal-bars making

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