Strand forming machine for creamy mixtures

Turn your ingredients mixture into strands and slabs for further processing into bars and other final product shapes. This is an easy-to-clean rotary Strand forming machine for creamy mixtures, soft or lightly whisked mixtures.

Consistently form slabs and strands of any shape

A single bar rotary press especially suitable for soft, creamy masses. A wide variety of soft substrates can be consistently processed into tightly toleranced slabs or strands of shapes limited only by customizable nozzle geometry. Working widths from 100 mm to 800 mm are available. Substrates such as doughs, fruit pastes, marzipan, truffles, pralines, fats, smooth brittle, toffee, coconut, and nougat can readily be processed. Additives like nuts and fruit pieces can also be included without issue. Special scrapers eliminate sticking of the substrate to rollers ensuring evenly distributed and consistent deposition. The machine includes few wearing parts and can be opened up in a few steps in the field for easy access to all surfaces for cleaning.



  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Pressure monitoring of substrate stream
  • Easy hopper removal
  • Working widths from 100 to 800mm
  • Independent temperature control of hopper, rollers, and housing for process optimization