Hygienic chocolate coating machine

Coat your product with chocolate or caramel. This is a next-generation chocolate coating machine born of a need for enhanced equipment hygiene and increasingly stringent food safety standards. Chocolate, compound, or caramel coatings are accurately and consistently applied to any confectionery substrate. Customer needs such as ease of cleaning, precise coating weight control, and easier machine maintenance with less downtime have all been addressed with this design.

Tightly controlled confectionery coatings from an ultra-clean machine

The Chocoat HD coating machine from Kreuter is a culmination of decades of confectionery industry experience. All of the performance notables of the standard Chocoat coating machine are present in the HD version with the addition of enhanced hygiene features.

The machine is designed for next-generation standards of food safety and industrial hygiene. The design includes continuous welded joints, no springs or hinges in contact with the confectionery product, and incorporated discharge lines for liquid collection areas to enhance cleanliness and ease of maintenance and cleaning. All surfaces are designed for easy cleaning and the avoidance of water collection.




  • Capable of continuous 3-shift operation for some coatings
  • Long service life of components even at high operating speeds
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning