Longitudinal strand cutting machine

Cut continuous slabs of your ingredient mix into spaced strands for further processing into bars and other final product shapes. This is a longitudinal cutting machine for continuous slabs of all types of confectionery products. Rotating circular knives transform the solid product slabs into individual strands of any width.  Fanning features integrated into the belt feed system spread the product laterally to create consistent spaces between strands and no chance of sticking.

Cut and separate longitudinal strands with a single machine

The SG series of strand slitters are longitudinal cutting and spacing machines capable of cutting continuous slabs of virtually any product into strands of whatever width the customer’s product requires. Rotating knives perform the cutting against a special plastic backer or directly against the feed belt depending on the product. The knives are scraped clean with each rotation. The thickness, diameter, lubricating coating, and even temperature of the cutters is selectable to ensure consistent cutting without squeezing the slab for consistent uniform strand creation. Several options exist for spacing of the strands after cutting to adapt to any requirements of the customer’s subsequent processes.



  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special knives, including static heated, and ultrasonically agitated versions can be employed
  • Knife arrays are integrated into a single shaft which can be easily raised and lowered by mechanical or pneumatic means
  • Working widths of .6M, .8M, 1M, 1.2M, and 1.4M are available
  • Several options for strand spacing after cutting including lateral, vertical, and combination lateral/vertical displacements

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